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Raffaele Feleppa

rafRaffaele Capocasale Feleppa is originally from Queens, NY. He considers his hometown to be the primary reason for his infinite interest in diverse cultures. As early as preschool, his teachers informed him that he was destined to become an artist! Throughout Raffaele's middle school and high school career, the same teacher instructed him. With his consistently remarkable lectures and advice, this teacher has become both a mentor and major influence for his artwork. Raffaele's support from his family, including his two beautiful sisters, has certainly fueled his passion for art. Patience and an artistic sense of ability are among a few things Raffaele honed while studying architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. However, Raffaele was more interested in pursuing his true passion of art. Or as many would argue, he made the shift towards focusing on his calling!

"Art has always been a part of my life, throughout the good and the bad times. Even when I inadvertently subside art, it literally finds a way to resurface in front of my face. I believe the true essence of art is not only therapeutic for the artist, but more importantly its influence to a viewer exceeds words. You inspire one life... you inspire the world!"


Grace Merten

Grace MertenGrace was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, or as she calls it, "The Nasty Nati". She attended Elon University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Arts with a concentration in painting. She also minored in Psychology and left her parents worried if she would ever find a job. Currently, she sells radio advertising for Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, so take that Mom and Dad. She loves that she gets an opportunity to focus on her real passion of painting through The Wine Palette. She also enjoys reading, watching football, spending time in Michigan, hanging out with her many nephews (still waiting on a niece), and spending time with friends and family. WHO DEY! Go Bengals!




Jenna Pelcher

jennaJenna is originally from the Jersey Shore. She went to Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY where she received a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and dual minors in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development.  After working in the big apple for a couple years, Jenna decided to venture down to the south to explore new opportunities as a designer. Jenna has always been interested in art and has always been crafty with a paint brush.  She is excited to be able to share her passion for painting over a glass of wine with everyone! 







Joy Robinson

joy bwJoy is a Montana native and lived under the Big Sky until the end of 2012 when she relocated to Charlotte. Art has always been a part of her life and has been something she has done behind closed doors as a hobby. It wasn’t until Joy’s move to Charlotte when a friend noticed the paintings hanging in her house and convinced Joy that she needed to share her gift.

Growing up in a small town, Joy was always surrounded with family and the beautiful outdoors of the Bozeman Valley. “We had the best of the outdoors growing up, right in our back yard and my parents made sure my sisters and I got to enjoy all of them. And I am so happy that my kids got to experience the same things. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the amazing support of my family. God couldn’t have blessed me anymore in life.”

Joy loves her new southern way of life here and enjoys spending her time, hosting parties, painting, learning how to cook southern food, exploring new places and things with her kids, cheering on her boyfriend’s basketball team and most of all being mom to her two children. “I couldn’t be happier that my path has led me here, there isn’t much better than doing something you love, and The Wine Palette gives me that.”


Katie Blackwell


Katie is originally from Vermont, but has been in charlotte for nearly half her life. She has been working towards being an artist since her fine motor skills allowed her to grasp a crayon. Oil painting is her absolute favorite medium to work with, but enjoys working with nearly anything that can be used to create something from nothing. She loves painting portraits, the human figure, and anything surreal. 

And most of all, she loves sharing the knowledge she has gained about creating art with others so that as many people as possible can enjoy this pastime and fill the world with beautiful pieces.